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Mike Hogan

“My name is Mike Hogan and I am a recently crowned WBFF Pro Muscle Model! I won my pro card at the November Pro/Amateur show in London against a really tough amateur line up. Without WoleTraining I’m not sure I would have achieved this so soon, he is a great coach and someone who I would class as a friend. The 24/7 support and guidance he gave me was second to none and exactly what I needed. He believed in me and got the best out of me and my physique. The training plan was spot on and never boring, same with the nutrition plan I was given. I would recommend ANYONE who is looking for a coach or even simply guidance to look no further.”


“For someone like me who had never been to the gym in my life and not led an active lifestyle it was a huge change when I started training for the Maximuscle Protein Project. I had no clue what I was doing, the right sorts of foods to eat to bulk out and that’s where Wole came in. I’ve spoken to many personal trainers before and always got the same kind of vibe however with Wole it was different, it was because of him that I carried on my training as I could see he believed in me and didn’t want to let myself or him down. I believed that he genuinely had my interests at heart and was able to break down my workouts, help me understand why I was doing certain work outs and I now have the confidence to go it alone. His highly professional manner meant I was more encourage to keep up my training. I would highly recommend Wole to anyone on any level as he has the ability to speak to people on every level when it comes to fitness.”


“I have been training with Wole since 2010. What sets Wole apart from other trainers is that he has successfully competed on a high level in many different sports – boxing, cross fit, marathons, triathlons and last but not least he came out on top of the BBC’s Last Man Standing sporting challenge.

This wealth of first hand experience in so many disciplines combined with his profound knowledge of training science and nutrition allows Wole to design a truly unique training experience that draws from his broad expertise.

His training is highly motivating and you can feel that he is fully committed to help you reach your goals – even if that means that you have to leave your comfort zone at the door.”


“I trained with different personal trainers in the past but failed to get the results I wanted.” When I met Wole, his knowledge, friendly and professional attitude impressed me. I decided to train for a month and see how things go. It has been over 3 months now and I am still training with Wole. I am feeling much stronger, fitter and most importantly healthier and motivated.

Whilst I am enjoying dropping the kilos, the real benefit for me comes from knowing that exercise, healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle are now part of my everyday life and this is all thanks to Wole Training.”

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