Pre & Post Natal

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The body goes through a tremendous amount of stress in pregnancy; regular exercise – and the right sort of exercise – can help to alleviate many of the problems that women experience:

  • Boosting energy
  • Improving sleep
  • Reducing discomfort
  • Lifting the mood
  • Reducing the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Enhancing self-image
  • Strengthening muscles so that they’re better prepared for the rigours of birth
  • Conditioning the body for a swifter postnatal recovery.

WoleTraining can help you to stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy, and by incorporating relaxation and breathing techniques, we can keep you stress free. Then, once you’ve had your baby, we can help you get back into your jeans!

Postnatal fitness is not all about aesthetics though – we also work with you to help you regain strength in your stomach muscles and back and improve your aerobic fitness. Our nutritional assessment and meal plan guidance will also help to get you back in shape.

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